December 06, 2014

Minimal Summer

For those of you lucky few who also live in the Southern Hemisphere like I do, Summer is upon us and I thought I would share my views on all things style for these warmer months. One of my favourite things to do during the Summertime is lay out by the beach all day, stay out late during the night and none other than stock up my wardrobe with all of the right Summer appropriate clothing and accessories. I like to keep my essentials to a minimum as they're basically worn all year round (thank you Australian weather) so these items basically get a great amount of wear to them no matter what time of year it is.

My go-to Summer essentials are: 
1. A fitted pair of denim cut-offs
2. A neutral coloured fedora or floppy sun hat
3. Comfy sandals (in brown, gold or black)
4. Flattering sunglasses
5. Floral printed or colourful swimwear
6. A variety of comfy and casual dresses
7. Oversized tees
8. Scoop neck tank tops
9. A simple satchel bag for on-the-go

Let me know which items you like to keep in your Summer wardrobe down below in the comments!