January 13, 2015

Golden Globes Glamour

Awards season is finally here and I guess you could say that my outfit critiquing skills are nearly at their ultimate peak this time around. While the 2015 Golden Globes were happening yesterday, I found myself re-loading my Twitter account every few seconds so I was sure to be kept up-to-date on everyones style choices (sooo yep, I was basically there)... 

After viewing the red carpet specials and recaps from the People's Choice Awards a few days earlier, I was contemplating whether or not to post some of my favourite style choices from that, but to be honest, I really wasn't overwhelmed so decided to go against the idea. Things were looking a lot more glamorous and overall better at the Golden Globe Awards though, so here below I've put together some of my own personal picks for who I've deemed to be the most stylish on the night.

Giuliana Rancic

Michelle Monaghan

Felicity Jones

Sienna Miller

Jenna Dewan Tatum

Lupita Nyong'o

Any favourites in particular that you see above?