February 17, 2015


Gucci Spring 2015

I'm not too sure exactly how I came around to being a fan of clothing pieces which included lace-up detailing, but either way I've made sure to keep my eye on this style. Lately, I've seen it slowly creeping among the 'new-in' items from online stores including ASOS and Topshop, which is probably due to them being appropriated from larger retail brands such as Tibi, Louis Vuitton and Chloe. When I mention the trend of lace-up pieces, normally I would automatically expect that most people will think of things such as lace-up heels and boots, but in this case I'm solely referring to a range of clothing items alone. I love how lace-up detailing can give the added touch of edginess to an outfit while still remaining to be something that is both stylish and bold.

Christian Dior Fall 2014

Louis Vuitton 2015

Chloe 2015

Here is how I would style lace-up clothing:

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