April 03, 2015

Easter Inspo

Easter is such a joyous time of the year for me! Although it's mainly enjoyed by kids nearly over 10 years younger then my age, I still hop at any chance to include myself. (I'm not even going to apologise for that amazing use of pun right there...) I know Easter isn't exactly a holiday to obsess over with the right outfit to wear for most, but in my mind, any occasion to dress the part is a fun one!

When you're choosing an outfit for Easter, keep in mind these few tiny details as a guide:
  • Lace is always a fitting fabric to throw on, as well as simple crocheted textures
  • Lean towards lighter colours such as pastels and neutrals
  • Wear something fun like a flowy skirt or a simple frilly top
  • Accessorise with a cute pair of sandals and a classic satchel with some nice jewellery
If dressing for the occasion isn't really your thing, then maybe go for a smaller statement with some Easter inspired nails. These pictures above reminded me of just much the added effect of a quirky nail design can add to a look, and plus, who wouldn't want to look at cute little printed chickens all day!?

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday!