June 15, 2015

Rachel Zoe Resort 2016

Viewing these new in Resort collections has been a blessing to distract me from all of these exam stresses and feelings of becoming overwhelmed for the past few days. (A bleak statement to say the least, but it's sadly quite true...)

For a while now, Rachel Zoe has been one of my ultimate favourite designers, and when it comes to bohemian inspiration and styling, she knows how to do it best! I first came to discover her after watching 'The Rachel Zoe Project' a couple of years back, and although I used to watch that show mainly for the reality purposes, I suppose it taught me a thing or two about fashion among the process. I personally really love her hard working ethic and her ability to create amazing collections that manage to become better and better as the years go by.

This recent Resort collection of hers just about had me picking my jaw up from the floor. How stunning is it!? There's certainly no exception in terms of the make up and hair styling either. I don't think I've seen such elegant and beautiful hair and makeup looks since Tom Ford Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear!

Click HERE to be forwarded onto Style.com to see more of this beautiful collection!