July 05, 2015

JORD Watches

For a very long time now, Iv’e become overly fascinated with a range of new trends associated with accessories and how they prove to potentially heighten a dull outfit to something exceptionally stylish! Things from bags, scarfs, rings, sunglasses and hats, you name it; I think they each have the potential to genuinely channel someones inner sense of style.

One accessory that I haven't had the pleasure of trying out for myself yet however, happens to be the essential of all accessories, and that would be watches! As a result of never really finding the perfect style in the past, I haven't really had the chance to hop onto the popular ‘watch’ bandwagon that everyone seems to be jumping on at the moment.

By no means, have I ever really been a major fan of watches before, at least not until I discovered the current range of wooden watches on offer from JORDThese timepieces are so unique and are completely different to anything that I have ever seen before, which is right up my alley considering that I prefer to wear accessories that tend to step a little bit more outside of the box.

While I was browsing around on their site www.woodwatches.com, I was a little fussed with which specific style to go for, mainly because they were all so stunningly eye-catching and absolutely one-of-a-kind! After a moment of consideration, I chose the 'Ely' maple watch, mainly due to its overall design and simplicity. 

Take a look at the collection of photos I took of my 'Ely' watch below and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I love how this watch meshes well together with my own personal style, and as you might've read previously on my blog, it appears to tie together any outfit no matter you're wearing something casual or even a little bit more on the dressier side.(Click here to read "Styling A JORD Watch").

I also love the practicality, design and quality of not only my Ely watch particularly, but every other selection of wooden watch that you can view from JORD. They are so incredibly easy to put on (which is much to my contentment) equipped with a simple push-in buckle to secure it perfectly in place. Each and every aspect and detail of these watches are accurately built to a tee, so if you're wishing to amp up your accessory stands this season, then definitely be sure to check out this brand! 

If you love this watch as much as I do, then head on over to woodwatches.com and check out the rest of their collection! You certainly will not be disappointed

Watches Made From Wood