July 10, 2015

Style Muse: Kate Moss

Whenever I think of ‘Kate Moss’, my initial reaction is mostly always just plain and simply ‘cool’. With her status of being one of the most dominant and influential models of all time, she has become somewhat of an all-round style icon for a lot of people, especially to those within the fashion world. 

Her presence in the fashion industry as a collaborative designer and model has probably contributed to my overall love for not only Kate as a model, but also Kate as the style-setting fashion influencer.

She’s among one of my favourite celebrities to watch for to make an appearence on the red-carpet and at exclusive events. My personal sense of style isn’t necessarily ‘bohemian chic’ either, although there’s something in particular about the way she styles her clothes that really have the ability to inspire me. 

Judging from the pictures included above, I've collected together a few of her basic essential pieces that can help you in recreating her amazing style!

Kate Moss Style Essentials:
  • Flared Jeans
  • Jewelled Earrings 
  • Knee High Boots
  • Fedora
  • Denim Cut Offs
  • Embroidered Jacket
  • Leather Belt
  • Statement Coat

(Set above creating using Polyvore

Who's style are you loving at the moment?