August 13, 2015

Polyvore Member Spotlight

The other morning I awoke to pleasant surprise as I found a 'member spotlight' dedicated to my very own Polyvore account on their homepage! Below you can see a variety of questions that I have answered, which I think are the perfect combination regarding my own personality and my experience of using Polyvore over the years. If you want to see more, check out my previous post titled "Polyvore: The Best Of" and take a look at some of my favourite sets that I've created over time! 

I'd also like to reach out and mention a quick thank you for all of the nice comments that I have had the pleasure of reading over the past few days. They certainly brighten my day to limits that I can't even begin to describe! Xx
Member Spotlight: Erinforde by polyvore on

Tell us your name, age, profession and anything you’d like to share:
My name is Erin, and I’m a 17-year-old high school student who lives near Sydney, Australia.
What are your personal aspirations/goals?
My main aspirations are to study fashion or business and to travel as much as I can!
How has Polyvore affected your life?
I love how Polyvore has affected and influenced my life for the better! I've become much more creative when it comes to my personal style, and using Polyvore has encouraged me to aspire to work in the fashion industry.
How did you find Polyvore?
I found Polyvore just as a coincidence. I didn't create my own account for a while, but soon enough, I became so inspired by everyone else's sets that I wanted to make my own and show off my own personal style.
How would you describe your set style?
The style of my sets mostly involves on-trend items, finalised with my own personal touch.
Where do you get your inspiration to create a set?
Celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung and Victoria Beckham inspire the outfits that I create in my sets. I also love searching for items from stores such as Forever 21, ASOS, Topshop, River Island and Zara. Overall, I'm inspired by everything around me, but celebrities and fashion bloggers in particular!
What are some Polyvore tips you would like to share with the Polyvore Community?
Be genuine!
A few tips on creating good sets and finding items:
1. Take advantage of the filters when you search for new items.
2. Create your own style and don't be too heavily influenced by other members.
3. Try to organize your items with tags.
Where do you live and what trends are big there?
I live in a coastal area surrounded by beaches, not far from Sydney. The most common trend is anything bohemian-inspired, so there's lots of crochet, suede and lace. Along with that, people are also wearing platform sandals, bold floral prints and colourful swimwear.
Describe your personal sense of style:
My personal sense of style is extremely versatile. I love structured basics, monochromatic colours and standout pieces.
What is your favourite brand/designer? What do you like about that brand?
I love the Australian brand Sass & Bide because their clothing is so fashion-forward and unique.