September 28, 2015

New In: Napoleon Perdis

Last week if you happened to read my post on my formal preparations (read it here if not), I spoke about all the bits and pieces that were incorporated into creating my recently passed year twelve formal look. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to capture any good-quality photos on the day as everything was quite rushed and the HD photos that I originally took turned out to be waaaay too  bright, so I was left with only a handful of good enough photos. However, if you did want to see my completed look anyway, head over to my Instagram and check out a few of the snapshots that I posted on there from the evening. 

One of the joys of my formal look that I was lucky enough to experience, included the professional makeup look that I had done from a near by Napoleon Perdis cosmetics counter. The girl who worked on my makeup did SUCH a great job, so much that it has inspired me to become more involved with makeup and beauty related things in general. On the actual day, I asked for a "matte formal look with natural colours" which I actually thought would be too general of a request, but my makeup artist for the day did EXACTLY the look that I was hoping for. After my session was over,  I got to score myself a few of the products to take home with me, which was so difficult to decipher might I add, considering that I wanted to buy every product that I could possibly get my hands on!

I decided on buying the foundation which I absolutely love, the 'auto pilot' skin primer and a set of some false lashes that seriously looked so amazing on! I love all of these products so much that I'm hoping to go back and buy a few more to add to my beginning and already growing collection. A lipstick, lip liner, concealer and blush are all on the cards for me at the moment, hopefully I will be able to get the exact products that I had the chance to wear on my formal night!

Stay tuned for another post where I will hopefully feature a few more of my new Napoleon Perdis products to be purchased soon! I'll be sure to make it way more in-depth, as I wasn't really prepared (as you can tell) to be making this beauty-inspired post. From memory, I don't think I've ever made a 'beauty' directed post, nor do I even read beauty blogs, so please excuse some of the pointless rambling here. Surely next time I will be able to include a few swatches or even a completed makeup look on myself, which will be something different although really exiting!

Until then though, check out my "Hair & Beauty" board on Pinterest. I have been pinning on there a whole lot recently due to my new found love of hair and makeup. Don't get too lost in it, I know I tend to do that sometimes...

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