September 29, 2015

Return to Tiffany

Last week I celebrated my 18th birthday and it was definitely an occasion to remember! Much to my own surprise, I was gifted this gorgeous Tiffany & Co. necklace that you can see above from my family. My Mum went to the most extreme lengths and wrapped all of my presents with "Tiffany blue" coloured wrapping paper; she even especially ordered these Tiffany & Co. inspired cupcakes that you can see below which were soooo yummy! They tasted mocha flavoured and were decked out with the cutest little embellishments, I think I loved the cupcakes more than the actual necklace itself. (Only joking of course, haha!)

I have loved Tiffany & Co. ever since I stepped foot into their Orlando store a couple of years ago. I'm so happy with the choice my Mum made, especially considering that I usually opt for the most simplistic option available, and this pendant is right up my alley when you consider my style preferences! I'm not too sure if we are going to exchange it yet though, I have had my eye on the 'Elsa Peretti' heart shaped pendant for a few months now and I just know that I would get a lot more wear out of that style in comparison to this one. I still absolutely adore this little palm tree though, I feel like it kind of symbolises my home town and the surrounding beaches that I grew up around. It would be so perfect for the upcoming Summer months too!

I felt so special to have all of these gifts and surprises as apart of my birthday celebrations, props to my Mum for really hitting the ball out of the park with this years memorable and eventful milestone!