October 28, 2015

Beauty Wish List

Beauty wish list

Everyone has got their very own beauty wish list, even if they don't intend on actually buying all of the items from it! For me, I love checking out the newest, most raved about beauty products whenever I can, because it means that I can have an excuse to splurge and experiment with some new makeup every now and again. Here are a few things that I'm loving right now:

Beauty wish list

(Products listed from a clockwise formation)

Juicy Couture rollerball gift set: I love the idea of these miniature sized perfume samples, mainly because I have a tendency to want to try out new scents as often as I can. I have never been able to completely finish an entire bottle of perfume before though, which is a waste, so I would love to start buying gift sets instead because you can get more variety without having to spend too much money. I think these would make for the perfect gift too!

Burberry lipsticks (No.401 and No.425): I have wanted to try out some Burberry cosmetics for sooo long! Not only do I love the packaging and design of their products, which is so bold and classy, but I also love their beauty campaigns, which have completely won me over time and time again in the past. I love these two shades of lipstick above because I think that a nude lipstick and a dark lipstick are essentials to have in any makeup bag, all year round!

Nars blushes ('Reckless' and 'Tribulation'): Lately I have become slowly drawn towards unique shades of blushes. I love the idea of a light peachy kind of shade, which I think would be the perfect colour to brighten up your face during Summer and Spring throughout the day. Nars are the only brand so far that I have noticed who sell a wide range of blush colours though, so if anyone has any other recommendations then let me know of them!

Bobbi Brown BB cream and Estee Lauder 'double wear all day glow': I would love to get my hands on both of these products before Summer begins! I find nothing worse than the feeling of caked on makeup during those days where the weather is a bit warmer, so these products would be so great to have on hand! I received a sample of the 'Estee Lauder double wear all day glow' a couple of months ago in a Vogue magazine and as soon as I tried it on, I fell in love with it! I might have to save up some extra money though if I intend on buying it, because it sells for the fancy price of $50, which is way too much for the size, but totally worth it after the results I saw with the sample I tried!

Bobbi Brown 'sterling nights eye' palette: How gorgeous is this eyeshadow palette!? I just love all of the shades in it, and I think it's fair to say that you would get so much use out of this considering how natural and ideal the colours are for an everyday makeup look. It's a definite must!

Burberry 'curve lash' mascara: Like I stated before, I love the look of Burberry makeup products and I would seriously love to get my hands on a few things from their range! I'm thinking of buying this mascara soon because I'm not completely sold on the Maybelline mascara that I'm currently using right now, it's quite clumpy and the finished look is not that impressive if I'm honest...

Topshop and Nars nail polish ('Parma Violet' and 'Ecume'): Light shades of nail polish have been an absolute must for me lately in terms of beauty, particularly lighter grey shades. Normally I buy my nail polishes from a brand called 'Essence', however I'd love to splurge on something else a little bit more pricey that will hopefully last longer and not chip off after a couple of hours :/

So there you guys have it, my ultimate beauty wish list for the moment! I'd love to know what everybody else has got their sights set on right now, or if you have recently purchased a product that you love and want to let me know about, send me a comment below!