October 06, 2015

Blog 'Anniversary'


One year ago today I started a blog in the hopes for documenting my style obsessions and all things fashion related that I loved. So far it has been such a fun and rewarding hobby for me that I have taken up, and it's honestly crazy to mention that I have stuck this through for so long up to date!

To begin with, my blog was just a platform filled with random style inspirations and a whole lot of HTML coding gone wrong (very, seriously wrong). Nevertheless, I have somewhat progressed to give my blog more of a suitable layout along with an overflowing archive of fashion, beauty and lifestyle related posts. It is so exiting to realise that I am still just as motivated to be blogging as I was since the first day that I started!

Up until now, I have created 86 blog posts, which isn't that many to be honest, although for a beginner I don't think it's too shabby at all. I had a quick look through my stats and realised that out of all the posts I've published over this past year 'Sunday Style Inspiration', 'Festival Mood Board' and 'Easter Inspo' were among some of the most popular, so be sure to check those out!

A little snapshot collage of thumbnails and post themes throughout the year:

This blog has been such a fun outlet for me to channel my love of fashion throughout the past year, here's to hopefully blogging a whole lot more into the future!