October 23, 2015

Summer Clothing Essentials


For this post, I wanted to touch on all things clothing related that I am hoping to buy for the Summer weather that's quickly approaching us here in Australia. I remember making one of these posts last year, (click here to read that) however I think it's safe to say that between now and then, my sense of style has definitely changed (thankfully too...). I'm much more into wearing midi skirts and dresses, unique accessories and overall, versatile items that I will be able to get an extended length of wear out of.

Like last year, I plan on hitting the beach a lot this Summer, although because I am now graduated and out of school, I also hope to take a few trips up to the city when I have a spare moment every now and again too. Hopefully my below set filled with essential clothing items will be able to reflect that, let me know what your favourite piece is, or if you have a must-have essential for Summer that I've missed out on!

Summer Essentials

I also blogged about my 'Summer Beauty Essentials' earlier today which you can view HERE, so don't forget to give that a read while you're browsing :)