October 16, 2015

Vogue Covers

Despite making this post, I haven't actually read Vogue magazine in a while due to the Internet and the fact that you can basically find everything online nowadays. However, I always seem to be really fascinated with who gets to be shot for the front cover and editorial components of Vogue issues from all around the world each month. I feel like it says a lot about what (or who) is currently trending and popular, or not popular if you would count the publics reaction to be equally as fascinating.

I love it when a cover has a unique concept to it, or a standout feature to make it look original among the crowd of other covers. See a few of my favourites below:

I have no apparent reason why, but I've recently felt inspired enough to create a Pinterest board which includes some of my favourite Vogue covers, and I kind of got carried away, 100 pins later... So here's a collection of even more of my favourites from throughout the years, enjoy!

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