October 24, 2015

Willow Hand

I seriously love this series captured by Sharif Hamza for the most recent Teen Vogue editorial (November 2015 issue). The styling is so gorgeous and the model, Willow Hand, is so strikingly beautiful that I was almost lost for words from when I first saw it. They don't even sell Teen Vogue on the mainstream magazine shelves over here in Australia, but she definitely has a face that can generate sales, which is something that I've begun to miss among the modelling industry lately. 

My favourite picture out of the entire series would have to be the one above here with the blue bomber jacket and the camel coloured sweater. I think it basically sums up a bunch of current trends incorporated into the one outfit without over-doing it, which is so cool! I will definitely have to try out the socks/heels trend whenever I have the next chance as well, I might even make a post about it soon.. Isn't it just so fun when an editorial series can have the ability to inspire you in so many ways? I can tell that this one will be a favourite for a while!