November 20, 2015

5 Winter Essentials

5 Winter Essentials

It feels a bit weird to be posting about Winter fashion during Summer here in Australia, although I'm aware that half of the globe is currently experiencing Winter weather at the moment and so I thought this would be helpful. Seasonal essentials are the perfect guide for building up diverse and stylish looks time after time. I've kept this short and sweet because I think that these items are an obvious addition to anyones wardrobe that can potentially be really versatile. No matter if you're living among Summer or Winter at the moment, I hope you feel inspired by them!

Winter Essentials

1. Oversized coat - An oversized coat is a MUST! They are so easy to throw on over any outfit, especially for those lazy-day looks that you would much prefer to bury and conceal from the world. The bigger the coat, the better I say; personally I don't think you could ever go wrong with a camel coloured coat such as the one above.

2. Basic tops - These are an essential for every season really, I don't necessarily think I need to elaborate on this one, haha.

3. Jeans & pants - This one is fairly obvious, I mean who wouldn't have a pair of jeans on hand during Winter? For me, I love any style of denim jeans sold from Topshop. Right now I have the Hayden and Leigh jeans sitting in my wardrobe and I think that it's honest to say they were well worth the investment! If you walk into a Topshop store intending to buy a pair of jeans, you certainly won't walk out empty handed that's for sure!

4. Accessories - Accessories are the key that connects any Winter outfit together. Scarfs are both stylish and practical, especially when bought in a range of minimal colours such as white, black and grey. Beanies are also a must-have for me during Winter, and they are a great excuse for hiding those unavoidable bad hair days!

5. Boots - Any kind, in any colour! I am loving knee high and suede boots right now, such as the Stuart Weitzman pair you can see above, it's a shame that this particular brand is very much out of my budget! :(

I recently created a Summer essentials post as well (read that here) where I included a bunch of Summer clothing must-haves. If anyone would like something similar posted for Winter, I would be more than happy to create it! Thanks for reading!