December 22, 2015

New In: Napoleon Perdis #2

You’ll have to forgive the delay on this post, as everything featured in these pictures I actually bought more than a few weeks ago. Everything is still available to buy though, so I guess my laziness gets the leverage this time around. As you can tell by the pictures above already, a majority of the products featured in this makeup post are sold by Napoleon Perdis, and if you’re also an avid reader here on my blog then you would know that I’m a current fan of a bunch of their products. The last time I did a haul at Napoleon was back in September after I got my formal makeup done from one of their makeup counters (read about that post here). I was so happy with the results that I’ve been hoping to add more to my Napoleon collection ever since!

I made the resolution that I wanted to learn more about makeup and beauty before I started University and general everyday ‘adulty' things out of graduating from high school. I did a little bit of research and wrote a small list (that had to be heavily reduced btw) of things that I wanted to buy and experiment with. I initially went to my nearest Napoleon counter in Myer intending to buy a lipstick, lip liner and eyeliner only, however I picked up a few freebies by surprise, hence the massive bundle of makeup and skincare goodies in these photos that I would never be able to afford otherwise… Apparently because I spent over $100 on my lipstick, lip liner and eyeliner, I was eligible to receive a free gift package of samples along with a complimentary makeup lesson (bless!).

Anyhow, back to my original purchases… I ended up buying the Neo Noir Liquid Eyeliner in black, the Mattetastic Lipsick in the shade “Lauren”, as well as a lip pencil similar to my lipstick in the shade “Nude Awakening”. Out of all of these products, the lipstick has definitely become my number one favourite when it comes to makeup looks for nights out and events, it gets packed into my bag whenever I leave the house!

Apart from the Napoleon Perdis products, I was also able to pick up this Chi Chi matte eyeshadow palette that you can see above. Before buying this little gem, I had to make ends meet by using an old palette from Savvy with a whole bunch of brown and gold colours that were shimmery and dull; a.k.a it was kind of horrible to work with… For those reasons alone, I have had my eyes out looking for the perfect palette with a little bit more of a variety and added quality. This Chi Chi 'Mattes 2' palette seemed to be my best bet (at the price of $20) and with such a diverse range of neutral colours in a matte finish, I would say that this is the perfect addition for a beginners makeup collection!

I plan to buy a few more things before the New Year arrives, possibly from other brands though, just to mix it up some more. I was thinking of trying out a few products from Benefit Cosmetics, I hear that their highlighters and bronzers are a must-have! If you know of any other brands similar to Napoleon or Chi Chi, I would love to read about them in the comments!