December 09, 2015

Paris in Rome

Chanel - Paris in Rome

I've missed out on a lot of blogging this past week because I have enjoyed a much anticipated trip to the Gold Coast for some end of school celebrations. Sadly, that's all over now, and I'm slowly recovering by catching up on a bunch of pre-fall collections, which has been overwhelming to say the least. I haven't had the chance to do a complete re-cap of everything yet, still I couldn't help but stop in my tracks after I viewed the new Chanel pre-fall show on Vogue Runway. I recently watched a short clip from the Chanel Youtube channel (down below), which captured the art behind the making of the clothing, something that I was truly fascinating by! From this video, I was inspired to create this post, so I recommend you spare a few minutes and give it a watch!

As you can tell, the clothes which were modelled down the runway in this show have a strong focus on the city's of Paris and Rome, tied together with some textile art. My favourite looks are as seen below:

(Photo credit: Gianni Pucci - 

To make things even better, Kristen Stewart made an entrance again, I seriously love her when it comes to Chanel runway shows and campaigns! I'll always rave about a Chanel show when Kristen Stewart is involved, as well as when Lindsey Wixson walks down the runway and makes an appearance... Let me know what some of your favourite moments were!