December 31, 2015

Road Trip Essentials

Road trips can become rather stressful to plan and pack for... Recently, I set out for a 14 hour bus ride, and so I knew that in order to keep my sanity while sitting like a sardine for what seemed like an eternity, I would need to be absolutely organised and ready for anything!

I did take some quick pictures of everything that I carried with me in my tote bag from NSW to QLD before I hit the road, which you can see above. Just a handy tip - if you're ever planning to go on a road trip, don't forget your pillow, and also don't catch a bus if you can help it, haha!! I can't even begin to describe the painful and awkward positions I was left to endure during my travels, I think I was ready to get out and hitchhike at one point that's how unbearable it was!

Here's what to pack if you're going on a road trip:

Magazines - I had 'Shop Til You Drop' and 'Vogue' Australia on hand in case I got bored and wanted a quick pick-me-up to keep me entertained. I haven't bought an issue of Vogue in a while, and I probably won't be buying it again either because it was literally just a pile of ads. I literally counted half of the magazine to be ads, naht cool... Shop Til You Drop however, was really fun to read, it kind of reminded me of a fashion blog on paper!

iPad - I actually didn't take this with me in the end because I was too scared that it was going to get shattered or stolen. I honestly felt so lost without it though, I spent half of my trip sobbing about how I would've used it to fuel my 'The Vampire Diaries' addiction while I sat bored and squished in my matchbox of a seat.. Headphones are a must-have essential too!

Sunglasses - For when you need some shut eye.. Our bus trip went overnight and I can't stand the feeling of people watching me sleep for some reason. I also equally hate those restricting eye masks that people use, there's something so nauseating about my eyelashes becoming flattened and not being able to see anything at all. They were also an extra bonus for me because I rarely slept and my sunglasses managed to cover up my tired eyes.

Wallet - This is an obvious essential. Weirdly, I feel so misguided whenever I go outside in public without my wallet!

Beauty bag - There's something so gross about travelling on a bus for 14 hours (who woulda' thought!?), and so I packed my small Coach wristlet with a few necessities such as hair ties, foundation, paw paw ointment, a tangle teezer and some gum with me which was an absolute lifesaver!

Water - I love those 1L bottles of water that you can buy from Rubi Shoes and Cotton On! They sell really cute designs, I may or may not have just added another 2 to my collection from the Boxing Day sales... I also fell quite sick with a sore throat on our trip home, so I was happy to have this on hand sitting by my side the entire way back.

So there you have it! I may have forgotten a few simple things, but this basically sums up all of the essentials that I think you would need for any kind or road trip, even a plane trip too! I think this might be my last post until the New Year, so if you're reading this at the moment, then I'll be wishing you a very happy 2016! Xxx