January 22, 2016


We've seen so many new trends recently in regards to shoes (thankfully)! When it comes to shopping, I always run for the shoe isle first thing, and they're always the item that I tend to invest the most in. I love a classic black sandal or ankle boot as much as the next person, but for the moment, shoe trends are doing a complete 180 switch, and we're seeing newer and more innovative designs coming forward. Here are my top picks for shoe trends right now:

Shoe Trends

Heeled Leather Boots - These will always be a trend regardless of what year you're in, or what season for that matter. I have absolutely loved the new range of colourful boots sold from Topshop particularly though. They're so different from anything that I've ever seen before, who even cares about a basic black ankle boot when something like these are on offer!?

Block-Heeled Shoes - Chloé are the experts when it comes to these shoes! Topshop have also introduced their own range of block-heeled ballerina shoes within the past few weeks. I think they're so cute and classy!

Sling-Back Heels - I have been feeling so inspired by the Olsen twins lately, more the reason to invest in a pair of these, if only I had the perfect occasion to wear them to... Definitely a classic though, and they basically look perfect with any outfit! I neeeeed!