January 16, 2016

Top Places To Shop For Menswear

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This can differ depending on who you ask, but for me I love the below stores and brands when it comes to menswear for a few selected reasons!
  • AllSaints - AllSaints is the perfect place to buy staple clothing items such as denim, suede and leather jackets. They also sell some amazing jeans and sweaters too! This brand is favoured among the stylists at some of the most popular TV networks in America, so if you're watching anything from MTV or The CW channel and you see a character wearing a badass outfit, chances are it's from AllSaints!

  • River Island - I feel like River Island is the go-to destination if your personal style is leaning more towards the 'preppy' side. They sell a lot of basic items of clothing, with a little additive of an edge, so they're perfect for those of you who prefer going for a casual outfit, while still wanting to look presentable and on-trend.

  • Topman - Topshop is one of my personal favourite stores to buy from when it comes to my own wardrobe, so it's only natural that Topman comes as a near favourite of mine when it comes to menswear! They sell a bunch of on-trend pieces which are perfect if you like to stay on top of the every-changing fashion cycle. Definitely be sure to check out their outwear options!

  • H&M - Basics are the key when it comes to menswear, along with a nicely coordinated colour palette too! H&M is the gold mine for these two things, especially if shopping isn't really your favourite thing in the world, they couldn't make it any easier. You could literally throw on an outfit for under $150 at H&M and still be suitable for a fashion-forward event, everything they sell is both simple yet stylish.

  • Matches Fashion - This is the perfect place to shop from if you have an eye for luxury and expensive taste. Matches Fashion sell a bunch of my favourite high-end menswear brands such as Givenchy, Acne Studios and Saint Laurent. Their accessories are among some of the best items on offer, so definitely check out those first!