March 09, 2016

How to Dress for Autumn

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There are so many aspects to focus on when it comes to dressing for a certain season, but it doesn't have to be as complicated as everyone makes it out to be! In my opinion, you only need a handful of clothing pieces and accessories to feel comfortable and season-appropriate when it comes to styling together outfits during Autumn. A few things to stock up with can include:

Dark colours/shades - Camel, navy & black should be in every Autumn wardrobe.
Denim - I'm loving printed and embroidered denim right now!
Dresses - T-shirt/long sleeved dresses look flattering on literally everybody!
Shoes - Boots are an obvious Autumn staple, but I also love the look of  a gold sandal.
Bags - A beige satchel bag is something that everyone needs in their life around this time of year, I'm in love with the Rebecca Minkoff one below!
Tops - High-neck and oversized tops are a safe bet to go with - in any print (bonus points for something cliche such as plaid or houndstooth...)
Pinafore - Pinafore's are so cute and easy to match with a pair of stockings for those colder days. It's a shame that they're so underrated!